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Dog Hiking Services In Fort Collins

Does your dog have a lot of energy or love the outdoors? Want to give your dog more than just a walk around the park while you’re at work or in class? At Hustlin’ Hounds, we provide local dog hiking services to keep your pooch happy, healthy and active. From running up trails to leaping over streams and climbing boulders, Fort Collins has some of the best dog-friendly parks in Colorado, and our experienced dog hikers know them all! In addition to providing your dog with physical benefits, taking your dog on regular hikes is beneficial to his or her mental health. Did we mention that dog hikes can also help reduce destructive behavior, such as inappropriate chewing, as well as decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. Give your dog the gift of nature with a dog hike adventure from Hustlin’ Hounds!

Dog Hike Pricing

1-Hour dog hike

  • (up to 3 dogs on leash, +$25 for each additional dog)


Our Dog Hiking Services Include:

1-Hour dog hike

  • Pick up and drop off service
  • A 1-hour dog hike in Fort Collins
  • Plenty of fresh water during and after your dog’s hike
  • Daily pictures of our adventures
  • We will return your dog brushed and/or towel dried after every hike

*The one hour dog hike does not include pick up and drop off, so your dog will have a full one hour hike. Dogs must be friendly and listen to basic commands.

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