It is that time of year again!!!!! There are some easier ways to clean your house when you have a hairy pooch lying around. Some ways that can help to cut back on all of the hair in your house is to get a dog bed with a removable cover so you can take it off easier to wash. Investing in a good vaccum with a heap filter can cut down on the amount of hair and dander on carpets and floors. Did you know lavender oil is very good for keeping fleas and ticks at bay. It is much safer to use than those toxic collars too, I try to use all natural products on dogs. Burts bees dog wash is my favorite. It smells nice and I do not worry if they lick their paws or hair using this shampoo. I try to keep it as natural as possible with my kids and dogs. It really is not much more in cost using natural products. I’m sure you can make your own pretty easily with some essential oils and natural soap. You just have to be careful because dogs skin is more sensitive. It is also a good idea to wash their collars and toys. Using a spray bottle to freshen them up with a bit of lavender or lemongrass oil works wonders!! Hope this helps a little with keeping your friend from being a little sweeter smelling!!!