The most common question pet owners ask about pet insurance is: “Is pet insurance worth it?”

It’s not uncommon for owners to say they would rather just open up a savings account to pay ┬ávet expenses rather than “waste” money on pet insurance premiums.

That’s when a pet insurance policy comes in handy. Situations like that happen all the time in veterinary hospitals all over.

There are a lot of companies offering policies in the United States and coverage has vastly improved. And most companies now allow you to customize your policy by selecting from several deductible and copay options to find a premium that fits your budget. It is just like signing up for health insurance for humans.

Should I get pet insurance?

dogs and catsIf your pets have always been ┬áhealthy and you’ve never been faced with a massive, vet bill, you may think its probably not worth it, so buying pet insurance would just be a waste of money.” You just do not know what can happen so it is always good to be prepared for the future.

Surveys have been done asking pet owners how much they would spend to save their ill or injured pet. A large percentage of pet owners respond that they would be willing to spend “any amount” to save their pet.

When your dog is really sick serious emergencies or complicated surgeries happen at a specialty or emergency hospital, the fees are usually higher than what you would pay at your regular veterinarian’s hospital.

My dog had gotten really sick and I did not have health insurance for him. I ended up taking out a credit card through There are always ways to get help. Most vets would take a payment plan, or care credit. I think the best way to be the most prepared obviously is to get insurance. They have some really great deals so may be worth taking a look at.

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