There are many reasons you may be looking for an in home dog boarding service in Fort Collins. Perhaps you’re going out of town and want to keep your dog in a low-stress environment, rather than a noisy kennel. Maybe you’re concerned about your dog catching viruses like kennel cough at your local pet boarding facility. Whatever the reason may be, you can trust Hustlin’ Hounds to provide you with the best in home dog boarding services in Fort Collins. We’ll give your dog the one-on-one attention it deserves so he or she feels as comfortable as possible while you’re away. 

In Home Dog Boarding: $45 a night

*Dogs must be friendly and good with children

*40 pounds and under

Benefits of our Fort Collins in home dog boarding services

  • In home dog boarding offers your dog a less stressful environment to stay in while you’re away
  • In home dog boarding puts your dog at a much less risk of illness (kennel cough)
  • In home dog boarding offers closer monitoring of your dog so all of his or her needs are met
  • In home dog boarding includes regular walks, playtime and unlimited snuggles