Summertime is here and that means BBQs, sunny weather, and family vacations! Pups love summertime for the same reason us humans do; it means extra long days and extra adventures! While summer brings fun, it also brings increased risk for things like ticks and heatstroke. It’s important to keep the whole family safe when thinking about taking your next adventure.

We interviewed 100 dogs and here is what they had to say!

We get hot in the car!

Our fur babies love to go on car rides, nothing beats hanging your head out the window and letting the warm breeze hit your face. When the car is stopped and baking in the sun, your pup is not happy. Even if you are running into the store for just a few minutes, your car on a nice 80-degree day can quickly become 100 degrees. No one wants to sit in a 100-degree car. Cracking the window is not enough. If you are running errands and it is warm outside, leave your dog home. They should only go with you when you are going from point A to point B without stopping and they are getting out with you. Always bring a portable dog bowl and lots of fresh water for both you and your dog.

If you see a dog sitting in a hot car, call the local authorities or animal control. If you suspect heatstroke, take action immediately. Take to a vet or bring your pup into a local emergency vet for fluids, ASAP. Common symptoms of dehydration are panting, dry mouth and nose, lethargy and loss of skin elasticity.

We love the water, but we sometimes overdo it!

Dogs love the beach, the lake, the river, and basically anything wet! Swimming is life to some dogs, making summer the most exciting part of the year. But with every fun water adventure comes potential risks. Make sure you provide your pup adequate shelter for beach days, apply sunscreen to pups at risk to burn and check water conditions before you let your dog dive in. It is also important to never leave your dog along while swimming, and to make sure your dog isn’t overdoing it. Be very careful when visiting rivers and the ocean where currents and tides can quickly change and become dangerous in an instant.

We get it, you want to take your fur friends with you on summer adventures and family trips and they love to be included, but that means extra planning and extra precautions to make sure the whole family is safe. Don’t forget to consider if your pup should go on every adventure with you. Some of the best outdoor destinations don’t welcome your fur friend like many National Parks. If you are going on a family vacation that involves a lot of attractions that don’t welcome your pet, consider a dog sitter. If you live in the Fort Collins or Windsor areas, Hustlin Hounds offers both in-house pet sitting and overnight stays with a pup friendly family.