1. Always make sure your dog has all of their shots and is spayed  or neutered.

  2. Never bring a sick dog to a dog park.

  3. Never take a dog that has a ton of energy to the dog park.

  4. You really should not substitute a dog park visit for a walk. If they are really excited park a couple of blocks away and walk to the park to get energy out.

  5. Always keep an eye on your dog at the park. You really never know how they might act with certain dogs and always clean up after them. Take them off the leash every time they are in the park.

  6. Small dogs need special consideration. If there is a specific area for small dogs you dogs at dog parkshould probably put your tiny pup in there.

  7. Big dogs can get rowdy and you don’t want them to get hurt.

  8. Stay only as long as your dogs are having a good time. If you see other dogs getting out of control it is time to leave. Some people bring there dogs to parks to get socialized not thinking about what could happen. Always keep water on hand for them. They get a ton of energy and will need more water than usual. Always stay calm and talk quietly. You do not want to startle anyone.

You can socialize a little and the dog park is a good place to meet people but always pay attention to what your dog is doing and always be accountable if something is to go wrong. Dog parks really are a good way for your dog to be social and get exercise!!!