Did you know that dogs can help you get a date? Dogs are date magnets!! They really help break the ice when you are at a park or out for a walk. You are way more likely to talk to someone with a friendly cute dog. There are even dog dating websites. The most popular is  datemypet.com. Meeting new people can be a fun experience, but it can also be difficult.  Have you ever wondered, “How can I find a playmate for my dog?”  there are solutions and they could be dog dating websites. Dog dating sites do seem  few and far between. They seem to be sites for social networking. A way for dog owners to find the perfect match for their most beloved pooch.

There are extensive search options and large database of dogs, they also have an open blog where owners can tell their stories and share the fun they experience with their four-legged friends.

Memberships to pet dating site includes many other benefits beyond finding a mate for your pup.

Some sites organize areas with pet activities in cities across the country to make it even easier to meet other dog owners and their dogs, as well as offering discounts on products and services. Some also give back to dog-related charities.  BarkBox  launched BarkBuddy. Which they say is like Tinder for dogs. This is how it works: The first step is downloading the app, currently only available on iPhone, and listing your preferences of dog size, age, and gender. Then location-based tracking finds dogs in your area, and a bunch of different dogs, looking for love, come on screen. I think this is a great way for people to come together and for more lonely dogs to get adopted. A win win for everyone!!!