So I just came across some interesting facts about why dogs do the things they do on petfinder. This is also a great site to find your next rescue pup.

  • Did you know why dogs curl up in a ball to sleep? they do this to keep warm and also protect their organs from other predators.
  • Dogs only sweat thru the pads of their feet.
  • Dogs see in shades of blue and green which most people think they see in black and white.
  • 62% of households have dogs. Yay the dog walking businesses are only going to get bigger!
  • Dogs eyes contain a special membrane which allows them to see in the dark.

Pretty cool stuff. I am always blown away by just how smart our four legged friends are. Every pup I meet has their own uniqueness and quirks just like us. They are all so different just like us. That is one of the beautiful things I love most about my job. Thanks and talk to you soon!!!