1. Most Common Things Dogs Swallow

    Dogs are fabulous creatures, full of fun and mischief which the majority of times will bring a  smile to their owners faces. However, there are times when they chew on things they should not and worse still they often swallow pretty strange items some of which can prove pretty dangerous to their he…Read More

  2. Introducing a New Baby To Your Dog

    Our dogs are very in tune with us, and they usually know that something is up before bringing baby home. Here are a few tips for preparing your dog for the new arrival that I read on Caesar Milans website. Focus on leadership. Nine months is more than enough time for you and your pet to work through…Read More

  3. Meditating With Animals

    I have been reading a lot about how our animals really can help us when going thru serious stress and major life challenges. Our animals show us so much pure love. The animal method which is based on the healing energy between animals and humans. It is about learning from your animal. Taking natural…Read More

  4. Treating A Torn Toenail

    Here is some great information on how to treat a dogs torn toenail and ways to prevent them in the future from doing this. The signs are any of the following: a bleeding paw, your dog limping, licking and biting at his paw and possibly some whining due to the pain.   How to treat a torn dog toe…Read More

  5. Spring Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

    It is that time of year again!!!!! There are some easier ways to clean your house when you have a hairy pooch lying around. Some ways that can help to cut back on all of the hair in your house is to get a dog bed with a removable cover so you can take it off easier to wash. Investing in a good vaccu…Read More

  6. Essential Oils For Dogs

    So I have been really getting into essential oils for humans and I started looking into the health benefits for dogs. A lot of my dogs suffer from separation anxiety and stress when their owners leave them alone. There are other natural alternatives such as thunder coats and rescue remedy which I h…Read More

  7. When Dogs Fight

    I have had a lot of issues with dogs fighting in the same family for awhile now. They may be getting along great for years and then all of a sudden they get into a big fight. There are always certain triggers that can set dogs off such as food or favorite toys. My own dogs tend to fight for attentio…Read More

  8. Food Your Dog Should Avoid

    Here is a great list I came up with of the foods your dog should never eat. Avocado No matter how good you think the guacamole is, you shouldn't give it to your dog. Avocados contain a substance called persin. It's harmless for humans who aren't allergic. But large amounts might be toxic to dogs. I…Read More

  9. Zika Virus and Your Pet: What You Need To Know

    The fast-spreading Zika Virus has been all over the news in recent months as new studies and reports share scary information about the effect the disease can have on pregnant women and children. But what about when it comes to pets? Are your favorite animals safe from this crippling disease? Here ar…Read More