1. Dog Walking in the Winter

    How to Safely Walk Your Dog In Winter Weather Winter can be a tricky time for dog owners. With ice and snow, you may be tempted to stay inside with your pup, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your dog from getting the exercise they need. With the right preparation and planning, you can safely …Read More

  2. Summertime Tips to keep dogs safe

    Summertime is here and that means BBQs, sunny weather, and family vacations! Pups love summertime for the same reason us humans do; it means extra long days and extra adventures! While summer brings fun, it also brings increased risk for things like ticks and heatstroke. It’s important to keep the…Read More

  3. Back to work and handling of pets

    With many businesses opening back up, pets are getting to spend more time alone again. That may mean you their people are back to the in-person job, or, at the very least, their people are now busier with their work from home schedule. While they very well may be ready for a break from you, keep in …Read More

  4. psychiatric service dog helping man

    Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Psychiatric Service Dogs Psychiatric dogs offer many therapeutic benefits, including alleviating symptoms associated with  anxiety, depression, and concerns about going outside or other social interactions. Because  they have a wide range of benefits for people struggling with psychiatric disorder…Read More

  5. dogs at dog park

    8 Dog Park Tips You Should Know

    Always make sure your dog has all of their shots and is spayed  or neutered. Never bring a sick dog to a dog park. Never take a dog that has a ton of energy to the dog park. You really should not substitute a dog park visit for a walk. If they are really excited park a couple of blocks away and wal…Read More

  6. A Guide to Springtime for Young Pet Parents

    According to many market researchers, millennials are adopting pets at a faster rate than other generations, including Baby Boomers. This rising trend in pet ownership by young people is the result of many factors, especially the trend of millennials waiting longer than previous generations to have …Read More

  7. Dog Walking Etiquette: Three Do’s, Three Don’ts

    No matter what stage of training your dog is at regarding walking with you on a lead, there are three things you should do to improve your experience and three things that can cause trouble. Before we get into the three behaviors that will improve your dog-walking experience, be sure to have the pro…Read More

  8. Fort Collins Dog Walking – Great Places to Walk Your Dog

    Fort Collins is known for its beautiful scenery, charming downtown, and family friendly atmosphere. But that family friendliness doesn’t end with your human relatives; it extends to your canine family members as well. Fort Collins has a great variety of places to walk your dog—here are four of o…Read More

  9. The Best Dog Walking in Fort Collins

    With its wide-open spaces, fresh air, and beautiful mountain views, Fort Collins is the perfect place to get outdoors. And that applies to dogs just as much as humans. But life gets busy and that Colorado winter weather rolls in, and taking your dog for a walk gets harder and harder to do. That’s …Read More