1. Walking Your Dog When The Weather Is Frightful

    In the summer, walking your dog can be paradise. It’s fun, it’s easy, and your dog gets plenty of exercise. As the weather gets colder, however, walking your dog can be a chore. As the temperature drops, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your pet healthy as snow impe…Read More

  2. Keeping Your Pet Healthy

    The health of your dog is determined by many of the same factors that determine human health: good nutrition, great relationships, and exercise. Dogs are obviously much less complicated than humans, but keeping them healthy can still be challenging. Daily walks and exercise are crucial for most dogs…Read More

  3. 5 Dog Walking Tips

    Walk time with your dog can be an enjoyable time of bonding and fun or it can be a dreaded time of stress and aggravation. If you want to find some simple tips to use the next time you go walking with your dog, consider these: Walk in front of your dog You should walk in front of your dog when on th…Read More

  4. Give Your Dogs What They Crave

    If you are familiar with Cesar Milan’s TV show, “The Dog Whisperer”, you know how important Milan thinks exercise is. Milan is correct when he says that exercise is half of how to train your dog to be more obedient and less destructive. Getting your dog out for his daily walks and play dates g…Read More

  5. Is Your Dog Well Behaved?

    Good dog behavior is based on two pillars: exercise and structure. Dogs with too much pent up energy are rarely well behaved, and an up- and- down routine can confuse them. Regular walks help establish a solid routine while exercising your dog in the process. Hustlin Hounds has professional dog walk…Read More

  6. Looking for Professional Dog Walking Services in Fort Collins

    Owning a dog is an experience full of joy, and is great for your overall wellbeing. It’s also work. Fitting in all the activities your dog needs to thrive can sometimes be a challenge. That is where Hustlin Hounds comes in. We are one of the highest rated dog walking providers in Fort Collins. Our…Read More

  7. A Well-Exercised Dog is a Well-Trained Dog

    When going for daily walks, we’ve been able to get dogs to learn the best discipline. It’s a great opportunity to teach your dog to sit and wait for traffic to clear before walking into the street, and help them learn how to behave around people and other dogs. Don’t have time to walk your dog…Read More

  8. Walking Your Dog is Good for You Too!

    There are many different reasons to take your dog(s) for a daily walk. But among all of the benefits for them, think about how the daily walk affects you as well. Most of us don’t get enough exercise throughout the day, so a regular walking routine will not only keep your dog healthy, but you as w…Read More

  9. Dog Walking in Windsor Colorado

    There are some great trails in the Windsor area to bring your dog. The poudre dog park is sure to please every dog owner. It is a very calm open space with not too many dogs so they can freely roam. Poudre river trail is a great walk in the summer so your pooch an cool off in the clean river.…Read More