1. Dog Walking in the Winter

    How to Safely Walk Your Dog In Winter Weather Winter can be a tricky time for dog owners. With ice and snow, you may be tempted to stay inside with your pup, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your dog from getting the exercise they need. With the right preparation and planning, you can safely …Read More

  2. July 4th and Pet Anxiety

    With July upon us, so are fireworks. Many pets get quite anxious this time of year and people wonder how they can best help their furry friends during those explosive nights. Here are a few tips to help: Keep your pets indoors during the fireworks Keep the TV up a bit louder than usual, and even kee…Read More

  3. Summer Travel and Pet Considerations

    Summer is here and for many, that means road trips and vacations. For those of us with furry friends, sometimes a long car ride is NOT what they want to be doing on their summer days, and putting them on a plane is something many are not comfortable doing. Long car rides can lead to increased anxiet…Read More

  4. Summertime Tips to keep dogs safe

    Summertime is here and that means BBQs, sunny weather, and family vacations! Pups love summertime for the same reason us humans do; it means extra long days and extra adventures! While summer brings fun, it also brings increased risk for things like ticks and heatstroke. It’s important to keep the…Read More

  5. Back to work and handling of pets

    With many businesses opening back up, pets are getting to spend more time alone again. That may mean you their people are back to the in-person job, or, at the very least, their people are now busier with their work from home schedule. While they very well may be ready for a break from you, keep in …Read More

  6. dogs and cats

    Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

    The most common question pet owners ask about pet insurance is: "Is pet insurance worth it?" It's not uncommon for owners to say they would rather just open up a savings account to pay  vet expenses rather than "waste" money on pet insurance premiums. That's when a pet insurance policy comes in han…Read More

  7. introducing a baby to a dog

    Introducing a New Baby To Your Dog

    https://www.cesarsway.com/Our dogs are very in tune with us, and they usually know that something is up before bringing baby home. Here are a few tips for preparing your dog for the new arrival that I read on Caesar Milans website. Focus on leadership. Nine months is more than enough time for you an…Read More

  8. bulldog laying down

    About Bulldogs & The Dog Breed

    Bulldogs are one of my most favorite breeds. I think they are so funny and super cute!! I always get super excited to take care of them just like all dogs but the puppies are ridiculous!!! I just came across an article about bulldogs and their history. They were bred like pitbulls to protect livesto…Read More

  9. psychiatric service dog helping man

    Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Psychiatric Service Dogs Psychiatric dogs offer many therapeutic benefits, including alleviating symptoms associated with  anxiety, depression, and concerns about going outside or other social interactions. Because  they have a wide range of benefits for people struggling with psychiatric disorder…Read More